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The members of our team are award-winning youth and adult performers from the San Francisco Bay Area that have a passion for the Hawaiian art of hula and community service.   Our goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives through the Hawaiian art of the hula and the spirit of aloha.  Part of our mission statement is to perpetuate and preserve the Hawaiian culture, to be stewards of aloha, to lead by example, and to settle for nothing less than their our personal best in all aspects of our lives.

2015 Spread A Little Aloha Tour

We will be traveling on our 2nd tour within the United States and parts of Europe on a mission to “Spread a Little Aloha”.  Team members will share uplifting and culturally authentic Hawaiian Hula performances, as well as volunteer, and fulfill requested gift donations to family shelters, rehabilitation centers, public schools, programs for children with learning disabilities, military families, senior centers, and hospitals for children.

Be part of the Aloha….

Like us on facebook and follow our  blog as we travel from state to state, country to country sharing unconditional Aloha…love!   Spin the “aloha wheel” at Halau Na Wai Ola and Sonny’s Place Hawaiian Shop to receive free “Spread a Little Aloha” promo items for yourself and one to share.  Post a photo sharing aloha with family and friends wherever you are.  Let’s see how far we can spread the aloha!  Be sure to check out our tour locations, and contact us if we will be in an area near you!


On the Air at KKUP

On the Air at KKUP


Click here for 2011 compilation video!


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Member Spotlight – Kanoe

We are proud to see our members living our mission statement, and being stewards of aloha.  Kanoe was part of the original 2010 Hawaiʻi Exploration as well as the 2011 US Spread A Little Aloha Tour.  Check out her inspiring travel blog, 18 and about.  We look forward to sharing more about her and her hula brother’s and sister’s adventures as they takes part in the 2015 US and European Spread a Little Aloha Tour.

Amazon and The ‘Ōpio of Nā Wai Ola, Inc.

If you have any plans to purchase items through, instead of going to the main Amazon site, shop at and a portion of your purchases will go directly to The ‘Ōpio of Nā Wai Ola. Happy shopping!