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Goodnight Denver

After the performance at the Brandon House Shelter….(our 2nd performance of the day), on our way back to the hotel we went to The Shack Sports Bar & Grill for the kanikapila with the Hawaiians of Colorado.  It was so nice to meet Uncle Dean & Aunty Shelly (Uncle Anson’s ʻohana).  We were still wearing our paʻu because there were no changing areas for us at the shelter.  Uncle Dean asked us if we would share a hula, and we all danced Wahine ʻIlikea.  The musicians were awesome.  Uncle reminded us about sharing aloha, giving unconditionally, and to keep the Hawaiian ways even being on the mainland.  After sharing a couple of hula (Uncle Anson, Aunty Kauʻi danced Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai), we went to The Noodles & Company for dinner.

Lauren:  Performing at The Shack made us excited, because we could see the audience really appreciate our dancing.

Kanoe:  While leaving the restaurant we saw someone sneaking up on us, and thought it was Alisha…even though she should be in Hawai’i.  She looked just like her….we got a picture with her!

Jordan:  At the Garden of the Gods, we hiked, and it was great.

Allison:  The car ride back from dinner was very funny, and interesting.  We talked about popcorn! (don’t ask) 🙂  Also, I like sitting in corners.

Aunika:  Kaipolani happened to pull the blanket off of me last night, and it gave me a heart attack!!!  She has all these weird words!

Kaipolani:  Last night in our room there were humming noises….no one wants to admit to it, but we all think it was Jordan.  I’m looking forward to meeting all of the other hula dancers at the Ho’olaule’a tomorrow.  Also, I love this hula group!

Jasmine:  I think that all the car rides together is great bonding, we’re getting closer together….and Leiola.

Rebekah:  After running in to an old friend after dinner, we’ve come up with a new game similar to “Where’s Waldo”, but it’s called “Where’s Alisha”.  I find my Uncle Rod everywhere….or at least someone that looks like him.

Sydney:  The car rides started off fun and crazy, but everyone started to fall asleep and take naps…it just shows how much effort and heart we are putting into our performances.  Our room is really messy and we need to get organized.

Kimberlee:  I’m looking forward to new places, meeting new people, and sharing our aloha!

Tiffany:  I am really looking forward to performing at the children’s hospital, and seeing all the kids.

Neimy:  When we bought the big baby bouncer at Walmart for the family shelter, it felt really good to be able to do that for them.

Aunty Emma…about her car:  PEANUTS!!!!  1one (that’s all I got to say)   About her room….this must be tornado country..things everywhere.

Uncle Anson…about his car:  loud with their hip-hop music, and a little opera singing.

Kumu:  crazy car rides!  When riding with Keola’s van….they had the most random conversations….animal sounds, funny stories, and Aunty Hana said to Kaipolani “you sound like a manga character”

Rachel:  Hi mom and dad

Kate:  Spending time with the group is really fun, and I’m looking forward to new experiences.

Jenny:  So, I forgot it was my birthday, and at breakfast, Kanoe had to remind me.  For the first time I got to go through the line.  Usually my birthday falls when the halau is on break so I never get to run through.





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