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Leedsburg, VA

We finally made it to Leedsburgh. We left the Mount Vernon area early to avoid the heavy traffic we’ve been warned about. Anson is doing a great job leading the four other drivers, me (kumu) included. Don’t worry, your kids are safe in my hands! :-). We weren’t expecting the $1.25 (no dollar bill exact change toll! Our leader was change-less, and I had to run out of my car (in last position) to drop in his money. By then, a line of about 10 cars behind me had begun to honk their horns because the green light never changed for Anson. By the time we made it through the toll booth, the front two cars in our group were nowhere to be found, and approaching quickly was a freeway split. At that moment, Anson called, amd of course half of us chose the wrong side! Crazy, but we all made it to the Super Target thanks to our smart phones, except for Kenny who still needs a big boy phone. Lol. With his navigational side kick (Arline), he managed to get there. You want to know the best part? I’m always getting teased for getting lost, but With lots of praying quietly while Hana kept asking if she should drive, we arrived first at the Super Target. Shocked me! I had a nice smile of relief to see the big red bullseye logo!

The ‘opio are shopping for the items requested by the Loudoun Center.  Our girls are learning to be assertive.  They present themselves well, and are not afraid to ask for what they want.  Even without the assistance of any adult, (we stay back and watch from the sides).  They spoke with a Customer Service Representative, shared the mission of their tour.  They explained that they would be spending at least $1000 for the emergency center, and if Target would be willing to give them a discount or a gift card.  The were happy to receive a $25 cash card to use towards their purchases.  Everything helps!  Mahalo Target for supporting our kids!


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