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What an incredible day its been so far! Since we are sitting in traffic (we traveled 3 blocks in about an hour on our way to the Holland Tunnel) I thought I’d update you with our adventure in New York.

We slept in, an tried to catch up with our sleep. We loaded the trucks, and were on our way to the Smithsonian National Museum of the Amwrican Indian. Ok, DC/VA/MD drivers were crazy, but this…is insane! We got separated, but managed to arrive to the museum on time. Did I mention that blinkers don’t do anything here. Anson finally leaned his whole upper body out of the car, pointed, and gave an arm signal to change lanes. The guy in the next car yelled out “now, that’s how you do it”. The girls had to jump out of the trucks with their costumes while cars honked their horms!

We had a warm welcome from Steven and Johanna when we arrived at the musuem. What an impressive building both inside and out! Incredible! Everyone must go through security upon entering, and on our way to our dressing area, we passed the beautiful performance area in the middle of the building. In our dressing room was a large tray of fresh fruit, milk, cookies, and bottled water for all of us. As we were getting dressed, Leiola flipped a couple of light switches, and we didn’t think much of it, until the people from the room next door came in, and we realized that she was flipping their room lights on and off too >.< Our performance time was at 2pm, and we had a nice crowd waiting for us. Talk about acoustics....not only did the sound fill the room, but it carried throughout the exhibit halls, and brought people out to find out where the chanting was coming from. The room made our chanting sound amazing, along with help from our soundman, Patrick. 🙂 The girls did a great job sharing the hula, and Steven and Johanna both gave them praises for not only their performance, but how they carried themselves. I must say that I too am very proud of how they treat one another (of course they are like real sisters, they are teenagers, and they get on each other's nerves at times, but their aloha for one another is unconditional, and most definitely very genuine). Leiola was dressed, and also performed! She was so proud that she didn't want to change out of her costume!

2 comments to NMAI-NY

  • Trisha Lee

    What a wonderful adventure/tour you are having. It sounds like so many unique experiences being had and memories being made. The blog updates are fabulous and makes me feel like I’m a part of the whole experience…mahalo, kumu!

    Safe travels!!!!

  • Ann Kawasaki

    Thank you, Kumu, for keeping us informed. All of the parents look forward to your blogs and really enjoy reading them. It sounds like it was an amazing performance. I am just picturing half of Anson’s body sticking out of the window and the girls running out in their costumes in the middle of traffic!!

    Enjoy the rest of the trip!

    Thank you again!

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