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People We’ve Seen Along the Way

Small World!

Kahaku’s:  In Denver, we met Liko Puha’s friend that teaches hula in the Denver area.

Tiffany:  I saw my neighbor Steve at the Hertz parking lot in Baltimore!   He didn’t even know what I was doing there.

Emma/Jordan:  When we came back from Washington, DC on the Metro we met someone that is friends with the Demotta ‘Ohana!  Small world!

Friends & Family that came out to support us!

Rebekah:  Aunty Helen & the ‘ohana came out to meet us, brought us snacks, and even helped us ride the Metro.

Sydney:  Joe came out to the Garden of the Gods to watch us dance!

Mackenzie:  Aunty, Uncle & little cousin joined us in New York, and came to lunch with us.  What a cute neice MacKenzie has.  She knows sign-language at 14 months old.  I learned how to sign “berries” (she was eating strawberries).  They also walked with us to see the Statue of Liberty and the Sphere, eternal flame.

Kahaku’s:  We needed all the help we could get while traveling in unfamiliar territory.  While in Denver, Anson’s Uncle Dean was there to host us.  While in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC area, my cousin Earl and his wife Fun met us at the airport, and brought our boxes that we shipped to their home.  They drove us all the way to Virginia for dinner, and lead us to our hotel to be sure we are safe.  While in New York, after our performance at the NMAI we headed to my cousin Richard and his wife Jeanine’s home in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn to pick up our second shipment (promo items, puniu-knee drums we made for the ridge street school).  Very cool feel to their neighborhood, it reminds me of something from a movie…also kind of like Sesame Street.


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