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Free Day in NJ/NY

We all got a chance to sleep in this morning! I know I needed it. Consecutive early mornings and late nights have been a challenge, but the joy we receive is worth it! Sharing unconditional aloha, making a positive impact with the people we come in contact with is what it’s all about, whether it’s the toll person, the parking attendant, our audience, and each other.

We drove to New Jersey and saw Carlos’ Bakery (cake boss). Line was down down the street. We will go back later. We took the PATH to New York, and met some nice people on the way.

Anson met Crystal from the PATH, and she was so nice.  She helped him purchase the fare, and got us in smoothly.  While riding, a nice woman let Arline (who was holding Leiola at the time) sit down.  We gave her a lanyard and talked a bit about our tour.  It was a great example for our girls to see, how those small acts of kindness and consideration for one another make a difference.  We talked to others on the short ride into the city, and they were thrilled to learn about our kids, and our commitment to living with aloha.  When walked up the steps from the PATH (the subway from New Jersey), the sun was shining!

What a beautiful day in the city.  The energy was great…big cities don’t normally thrill me…they used to when Anson and I were in high school, but I try to avoid big cities if I can.  I’ve been to New York twice before, both during colder weather.  The sun makes all the difference in the world to me!    We came upon a great street fair with vendors packed together for several blocks.  The girls instantly found some Fedora’s (Bruno Mars again!), and a few of us went straight to the smoothies, and fresh fruit.  It was a nice day, a free day without any obligations, no time constraints, and the girls were so excited to be in the city!  With the sun out, an occasional cool breeze that would take us by surprise, the sight of taxis, hot dog and pretzel stands, and the sound of horns honking behind the words of Alicia Keys booming from one of the vendors booth, “concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York, these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York!…I must admit that I too was taken by the energy and the life of New York!

From the street fair, we walked towards Time Square in search of the huge FOREVER 21 store.  (I was thinking, isn’t that the same stuff we have at home, but I remember what it was like to be their age, and it’s just the fact that they are shopping in New York, at one of their favorite stores).  We spent some time in the enormous Toys R Us….that is where Kanoe used to want to shop, now it’s Leiola.  Some of the girls jumped in a photo with Kanoe and Leiola with Spider Man and Iron Man.  Leiola and Jordan bought some plastic balloons (you know the type we used to play with that you blow through a straw….well this is the new and improved Toys R Us version, where it doesn’t pop as easily and you can make huge balloons!).   Next was FOREVER 21, and we allowed them some extra time, as they pleaded their case that we needed to allow time for them to try on clothes  They did come out with some very cute items, and smiles on their faces (that makes me the happiest)!  I asked them if they were hungry (I was), but the shopping took away any hunger pangs they may have been feeling.  We walked across the street to the American Eagle Store.  (I saw a topless older woman in cowboy boots, american flag bikini bottom, cowboy hat and guitar on the way there)  The girls had their photo taken and put on the mega screen outside.  We waited a few minutes to see it, and when they were on the big screen, the city knew it, as they screamed in delight!  I almost missed taking a photo of it, because my alarm went off reminding me that it was time to check in everyone on Southwest.  We did manage to get everyone in the “A” or “B” boarding group, so that worked out well.  We were “A” on our flight to BWI, hopefully we won’t be delayed like our last flight and arrive late for our connection (we ended up scattered throughout the plane, but the “Team Aloha” was cutting some zzzzz anyway).

The girls picked up some NYC sweat shirts from street vendors, and Anson checked our group in to the Hard Rock Cafe where we had a nice “linner”.  Luckily we beat the crowd, and got seated within about 20 minutes.  Our waitress’ name was Leona, and Leiola thought she had the same name.  The girls took photos with the handsome hosts, and few purchased some souvenirs.  On my way out I saw a cute hat, that I didn’t have time to get because Arline and I got stuck with the baby stroller trying to get through a very inconsiderate line of people walking in through the exit of the dining section, and everyone was already waiting outside. (I’m in desperate need of a new one!  My last hat from “hard rock” is very tired looking, and my sis tells me I have to retire it)  It was time to leave the big city behind.

Anson began to lead the group back towards the PATH, Kenny, Emma, Arine & Hana within the group, and Keola picking up the rear.  I try my best to keep everyone together, and to keep from getting distracted so we don’t get separated, but I saw the soft serve ice cream truck on Broadway, and I couldn’t help myself!  I was quickly brought back to my senses when Anson yelled for me, as he was already leading the group across the street.  He gave in, when I flashed him my “cute smile”…yes, it does work sometimes, and he backed the girls out of the walk way.  Yay!! Ice cream!!!!  Just as it was our turn to place our order at the window, New York’s Finest began forcing them to move on to another part of town, when the owner yelled out “hey, I’m just trying to support my pregnant wife… (move your focus to the passenger seat…and yup, a pregnant wife)…can’t I just finish this last order”…(NY finest not knowing we had an order of 20)…(we flashed them our “California girls-they’re undeniable” type smiles, and they buckled).  So we all got some ice cream!  So happy because getting my sweets from Carlos’ Bakery didn’t pan out….stay tuned for my next entry, which I plan to entitle, “The POPO vs. KEN in HOBO-KEN!”  (exciting stuff).










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