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Let’s Wrap It Up…thought about the tour

Danielle Nagtalon: Wow… This tour was amazing. From being little kids to young adults we have all sticked together, helping each other out from thick through thin. This class and tour has changed my life because it gave me opportunities that I can’t have back at home. Throughout this tour, I have bonded closer with many of my hula sisters. Also, I want to thank my mom for using all your time and work to help pay for this tour, without her, I wouldn’t even be where I am today. And Auntie Kaui, for making this tour come true with using genuine aloha and leading us through the right path. My favorite part of this tour was seeing all those kids in Ridge Street School. Some of the kids there were our age and really fun to hang around! I wish we can see them everyday. Overall, I will miss every little bit about this tour. Mahalo for everything Auntie Kaui. Aloha.


Kate: This tour was absolutely amazing! Had some many wonderful and new experiences we did together as a group. From the shows to the bonding time together. This trip was one of the best experiences ever and is clearly unforgettable.




Jordan’s comments regarding the trip: “We made a lot of people smile in a lot of different places. I liked shopping for the wish list items. My favorite place to perform was at the Ridge Street Elementary School. It was fun hanging out with the kids after the performance and learning their dance moves. Kaipolani and I practiced in the middle of the night and then made a music dance video. I liked the tour at the Capital Building and eating at the T-Rex restaurant in Florida. I liked hanging out with my hula sisters. Thank you Aunty Kau’i for taking us on this trip.”

The “Spread a Little Aloha Tour” was such a great experience! Though the tour is over, I will always remember to have aloha everywhere I go. I got closer with my hula sisters and family. Thank you to my parents, the chaperones, and especially Kumu. You have been such an inspiration and taught me how to do what I love most. From this trip I learned how much I love and appreciate California, my home, family, and friends. Mahalo Nui Loa for making this all possible.

Aloha, Kiana

Kate: This tour was absolutely amazing! Had some many wonderful and new experiences we did together as a group. From the shows to the bonding time together. This trip was one of the best experiences ever and is clearly unforgettable.

Arline (chaperone):
“An unforgetable 2weeks filled with lots of excitement & laughter. I will remember the heart warming emotions that projected thru the audiences at the shelters and schools during/after the performances.”

Jenny: I loved the tour. It was so much fun and I will remember this incredible experience forever. Thank you to kumu, the chaperones, and my parents for making this possible. I’m going to miss opio so much!

Hi this is Allison.

This trip was really fun and memorable. It was cool to see different parts of the country and it was a great learning experience on how other people lived. It felt great to help others that are less fortunate than us. I’m thankful that I am blessed with so much. This tour was unforgetable and I’m thankful to everyone who helped make this tour happen like Kumu, the chaperones, and all the parents.

Marissa: The tour was so much fun! It taught me to be grateful for what you have and try to spread your aloha to people that need it more. I loved dancing at the Ridge Street School, the kids there are great, even though the school isn’t the nicest place the kids are some of the nicest people I’ve met I’m so glad we got to go there, the school is 99 years old! I hope we can do more things that are similar to the tour! I’ve never been to alot of these places, and it’s cool to go from the mountains in Colorado to the large buildings in New York. In Orlando, Florida we went to the childrens hospital it was so awesome, I saw a cute baby smile every time we looked at him! That same baby won the raffle three times it was funny to see him carried out with three landyards around his neck. Also in Orlando I went on the big, fast, loop-de-loop roller coaster, The Hulk, I was scared to go on at first, but then loved the upside-down/cork screw coaster! I will miss the tour! Aloha!

Kenny: What an experience. We were bleesed to be a blessing. It was delighful, delerious, demanding, da kine. Mahalo, Kumu. Aloha.

Hi this is Sydney

This tour was a once in a lifetime experience. I am so glad that I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. I traveled to many places that I never stepped foot in before this trip. Being there with all my hula sisters brought me closer to them. They are my second family. I could never forget the memorable times we shared together. I felt so proud to be a hula dancer when I performed for all our audiences. I got to meet and share aloha with so many nice people on the trip, whether I met them on the airplane, or at the performances! I definitely felt like I was making a difference. I couldn’t have done it without Kumu, my parents, and everyone who supported me and the trip. I had the time of my life “Spreading a Little Aloha” around the U.S. I hope that everyone, and not only me, felt like a different person after stepping of the airplane. I am glad we did this tour, it changed me, and the way I see myself. I hope to continue spreading aloha wherever I go!

Cristina T.:The tour was absolutely amazing and life changing. I especially loved bonding with all of my hula sisters and getting to spread a little aloha with them. The car rides were crazy! We were either all singing, laughing, doing our make-up, or most of the time sleeping. I will never forget this amazing experience. Thank you kumu for making this possible and the chaperones!


Bekah: This trip has been phenomenal. I have done so many exciting things with my hula sisters during these past few weeks. From Garden of the Gods to Universal Studios, I shall never forget the moments I shared with some of my closest friends.

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