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Three Weeks After Being on the Road

It’s only been three weeks since the tour, and looking back it feels like a dream.  Standing outside looking up into a dark sky, and the cool evening breeze brings me back to our performance at Highlands Ranch, Colorado….Bruno Mars is on the radio, and thoughts of yellow taxis and the  crazy excitement of a star struck teenager at the Today Show concert brings a smile to my face…I drive behind a GMC Yukon, and I remember our five vehicle caravan in each state…and thinking how crazy are we to be driving in NYC!


It was wonderful to be back in my own bed after two intensive weeks of touring.  We, (Anson, Kanoe, Leiola and I) did spend three extra days in Florida.  It was nice not having anything to planned out.  Anson returned hone one day before us, as he had to work on July 4th…after months of being off duty with his foot injury.


Returning back to the halau felt great!  Especially since it felt refreshed and cleaned, thanks to Lucille, Suzie, and Kelcie…and the rest of the haumana that pitched in!  The “after ho’ike & reunion clutter” was all put away.  Props were put away, the floor mats were steam cleaned and re-assembled…the library was re-organized, and awards that were stored away were proudly on exhibit.  It just felt great!  I should have given them the key to my house too!


Many commented that they were following our blog.  It was nice knowing that while we were so far from home, and sometimes feeling homesick, and very alone in big cities…our hula ‘ohana was with us through the highs and lows, and that we were not alone!


I’m sure many of us on the tour went through the “tour withdrawls”.  We feel this need to give everyone a “spread a little aloha” lanyard, wristband, shirt or pen.  You want to talk to everyone about our mission, and share with them the “Live Aloha” message.  In a large group, and on tour it’s easier to share the message because people are interested in what a group of 30 youth/chaperones are doing together walking in Time Square, or The Mall in DC. We continue to try to live each day with aloha, and to acknowledge others.  It’s easy to get caught up with our regular routines.


I think back about the people we met along the way.  Our paths may never have crossed without this tour, and I’m grateful to have met all of them.  To know that you brought joy to someone is rewarding on so many levels.  We went on the tour with the intention of sharing aloha with others, but they shared so much with us.  It’s my greatest high!



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