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A wonderful day in the “Land of Enchantment”

1982319_974230415931738_1977142801909837498_n 11401265_10152791510206612_4225808220423559604_n 10170852_974229172598529_5598481271029623350_n20400_10152791509576612_5298903173383007906_n 20150614_162432 20150614_162455 20150614_231912Albuquerque…the Land of Enchantment!  It is truly a beautiful place full of culture.  The sky was blue, and girls commented on how amazing the cloud formations were.  When I asked the girls to describe the weather, without hesitation, Noelle spoke out that, “IT WAS HOT!”

We started day two with complimentary breakfast at the hotel.  We loaded into our five mini SUV’s, and headed for the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.  Upon receiving our tour stickers, we were given the rules…no flash photography, and only for personal use…no video recordings of the dancers, and no posting of any photos on social media, or photos taken for commercial use.  Hālau Nā Wai Ola…does it sound familiar?  Our ʻōpio completely understood the cultural protocol.  So, we have no photos to share from the Indian Pueblo Center, but we really enjoyed it, and wish we had more time.  We walked through the exhibits, and visited with the artisans.  As dancers ourselves, we had a great appreciation for the dancers that shared today, their costumes, their stamina, and the stories that were shared about each dance.

After our short visit at the Indian Pueblo Cultural center we drove to the Kirtland Airforce Base, which was a short 20 minute drive.  We approached the gate, and were greeted by two very handsome young men in uniform!  They lead us to the visitor’s center to check in, and Brandy, and Andrew, our contacts on the base drove us to our performance location.  The girls in our vehicle had never been to a military base and it was quite an experience.  We performed at the Mountain View Club, which has a great outdoor patio and large pool area.  Kanoe, Sydney N., and I were so happy to see Emari (part of the Nā Wai Ola when we were located in Cupertino), and her family who lives there at Kirtland.  Mahalo to Emari who helped us get in contact with Brandy so we could share our aloha with them.  Everyone there was so nice and grateful.  We brought the requested pool toys, and gave two performances, one at the pool and one at the patio area.  During our performance we kept hearing “woohoo, Jalynne”.  It was a nice surprise for one of our girls whose cousin came out to the performance.  The ʻōpio lead the children in a candy lei craft, and made some new friends.  At the end of our second performance, we had a raffle where everyone won a “Spread a Little Aloha” prize!  After we packed up our costumes, we were able to sit, relax and have lunch together.  I loved seeing how our girls interacted with the families, and with one another.

We headed back to our hotel, and the girls jumped in the pool, which according to them was surprisingly cold!  The girls watched the big game, while Elizabeth and Kanoe went to the Walmart, and then picked up pizza for the group.  I went to the laundromat to wash all of the tour shirts and dresses, where I met some new friends.  It is an interesting story, and it helped me to connect to some people, and to see past the exterior, and trust that Ke Akua sent them my way to push me out of my comfort zone, yet, I feel blessed to have such an experience. Ask me about it when I see you in person.

Following are some thought from our ʻōpio.

Noelle:  My favorite part of the day was that we performed at an air force base.  It was cool to see what it is like to live on a base.

Jadyn G:  My favorite part of today was going to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and watching the performers dance and learn about their life.

Julianna:  My favorite part of the day was going to the military base to perform, and handing out gifts to the kids.

Jalynne:  I have two favorites.  I really enjoyed the Pueblo dances, and going to the Kirtland Airforce Mountain View Club was cool too!  I am really happy that I saw my cousin.

Isabella P:  My favorite part of today was visiting the Military Base, looking at all of their land.  Itʻs their own little town.  They have so much land with their own territory.  I loved seeing their houses and markets.  It was so cool and fascinating.

Sydney: My favorite part of today was learning about Pueblo,  their dance was very interesting.

Makana:  I really enjoyed the fact that we could bring Aloha to people other people though our dance.  I also loved being able to bond with my hula ʻohana.

Kayla:  My favorite par of the day was when we were performing at the base.  The little girls that were watching us looked so happy!  That made me have a happier energy going out me!!

Maddie:  The best part of the day was seeing how much all of the people at the military base enjoyed us.  It was also fun to help the kids be more happy.

Krista:  I loved how happy the children looked at the air force base.  Seeing them happy made me even happier.

Isabella C:  My favorite part of the day was going tothe milirary base and dancing for all of the kids.  I also enjoyed helping them make candy leis.

Lia: Highlight:  I met nice little girls who absolutely adored the show.


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  • Jeffrey Dumo

    Thank you for sharing and taking such great care of our children! And thank you for helping them experience the joy of giving to the communities and world in which we live in!

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