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Blogging while waiting in line for the Today Show!

Isabela D- Yesterday we went to the Harmony House and Ridge Street School and I think that these have been some of my favorite performances. All of the children at the school were loving and showed so much kindness! I also enjoyed looking at the view from the top of the Harmony House.

Noelle – I really enjoyed performing at Ridge Street Elementary and Harmony House. The kids loved the hula, they were so enthusiastic and polite too! Harmony House is a place where low income people can find housing. The people there were also very enthusiastic and loved the little raffle we put on to give out t-shirts and other Spread A Little Aloha items.

Jadyn- Yesterday we volunteered at the Harmony House and performed at Ridge Street school. I think Ridge Street school was my favorite performance, because after we performed we got to interact with the students, and all the younger kids were dancing along. It was a fun experience performing with younger people on the Spread A Little Aloha Tour.

Maddie – Yesterday, we went to Ridge Street School and we also went to Harmony House. Going to the school was my favorite gig so far becasue i enjoyed dancing for people my age. Seeing all of the happy people at both places made me realize how much people enjoy our dancing. It was a good experience to dance at these two places during the tour.

Isabella – We volunteered yesterday at Ridge Street School and at Harmony House. The school was incredible to volunteer at because the kids were really enthusiastic. It was reallly fun to watch all the elementary and middle schoolers enjoy the preformance. It was also amazing to preform at Harmony Huse. I loved watching all the people enjoy the preformance and the raffle.

Ainsley – We went to Ridge Street School and danced two gigs. This and the Harmony House were our two places we went, and they might have been my favorite. The kids at the school were so happy to see us, so it made me feel like we cheered them up.

Sydney H. – we went to ridge street school and danced for the children i had a great time. Dancing at the school and making the children happy felt really good also we went to the harmony house and danced for people who had some kind of illness. The entire time we danced my heart was warmed because just seeing the smile on their faces mademe feel happy and appreciated.

Krista – it was fun going to the Harmony house and the school. I felt they really enjoyed our performance. Spreading our aloha spirit to other people brings joy to my heart and theirs. Everyone was so kind, nice and overall wonderful people.

Isabella P: Yesterday we volenteered at the Harmony house which was a housing facility which holds disabled people that need a home. It was very nice to meet all of the people that watched our performance they were very nice. Their looks were definantly deceving but once you get to know them and talk to them it were very kind and sweet. At the harmony house we were able to look at the Empire State Building from the porch that they had. At Ridge street school we were like celebrates everyobne wanted to ask me to sighn their postcards and when I tryed to high five this guy he tryed to hold my hand?!! I was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!! And a lot of people said that I was cute and pretty which was so nice of them. So far the Ridge Street School was may favorite preformance.

Lia – Yesterday we had the wonderful oppertunity to be able to voulenteer at the Harmony House and ridge school. At the school I was very happy to see how estatic the kids were to see us there and all of them asked if we could come back next year. One girl I met was named Makenzie and she was my age and was sooo friendly! Other people there also greeted us nicely there. In the Harmony House the people there were very family oriented and chill. The Harmony house also had a beautiful veiw on their balcony of New York. Throughout yesterday I think the Harmony House was the best because they were all funny and excited for us to be there. A lot of them also liked to take many pictures.

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