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Aloha From New York!

Hi I’m Mika, throughout the tour we have danced for many people that have opened my eyes to new things. Yesterday we danced at a family shelter for a few kids. We danced a few songs, made candy leis, and of course we spread ALOHA. Today we explored New York, we started out in a huge TOYS R US where we got to shop and shop and shop. Makana and I got a sister 4 ever necklace and a cookie. Then we went to Hershey world and I found a few candies to eat. Next we went to a New York gift store I got a really comfortable hoodie. Finally Ainslie, Maddie, Sydney, and I went to Disney store and I found some tsum tsums to get. I had a great time in New York.

Gabby C- This tour has been eye opening so far. Yesterday at the family shelter, it was so moving to see the kids after the show so happy. Today was also really fun sightseeing, we all had so much fun shopping. Riding on the TOYS R US roller coster with Maddie, Kanoe, and Isabela was really fun. I found some amazing souvenirs in and I <3 New York store. NY has been so great so far.

Marissa- I have had so much fun on this tour and learned many new things. I’ve been having such a great time making people happy by doing the things I love. One of my favorite gigs was going to the family shelter. I met this very cute kid who I made a candy lei with. He loved to take pictures, and when he did he had a huge smile and a peace sign. I really enjoyed how happy the kids were when we were dancing and especially how modest my hula sisters and I became. We all learned how fortunate we are back at home throughout this tour. The spread a little aloha tour has been enjoyable, yet a great learning experience.

Makana- Over these past couple of days I have had so much fun. Between the family shelter and dancing for the low-income housing, this trip has been amazing. Yesterday was also the Today show, where we saw Nate Reuss perform, and we watched the waiters in the Stardust Diner sing, as well as putting on two joyous performances. Today we had a free day, where we slept in and went shopping in New York, where I got some different souvenirs and I tried some new foods. I have really loved our time in New York so far, but most memorably was the family shelter and Buena Vida.

Kayla- These past few days I have enjoyed many gigs and bonding time with my hula sisters. I really enjoyed the Buena Vida senior center. The seniors really were so happy after we performed. The workers there were thanking us so much for coming and saying they want us back here. That made me feels so appreciated for our hula. Some of the seniors were clapping along during the whole show. Today we just chilled in our rooms since it was a late night and shopped in New York City. I am just really happy that I can share Aloha by doing something that I love!

Sydney H- the past few days have been great at the gigs we went to made me feel warmed and loved. I loved making people happy and making them smile. I am so happy people appreciate hula that we do. We have shopped in New York City. And done many gigs. I am so glad I get to share the aloha spirit on the East Coast.11206042_1142250812457735_8146023333557367957_n (1)

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