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Thoughts from our kids on tour…

While on the train from Baltimore, MD to Newark, NJ, we passed the laptop through the last car and the girls were able to share a little about what they have been experiencing on this tour.  Not all of the girls were able to get their journal entry in before we reached New Jersey, so we will try to make another post in the morning.

Makana- Over the past couple of days, we had some very exciting excursions. Although we could not make it to some of our events, we did get to partake in a performance to both the Alamo as well as the Amtrak. My favorite part of these days so far was actually the time in between that I got to take to bond with my hula family. I am very grateful for the opportunity to create happiness in others’ lives, whether by dancing or just helping them. However, I do miss my family, and I hope that they have a chance to read this. And thank you Kumu for this wonderful tour and all of the factors that we put in and receive from it.

Jadyn- The past few days we had exciting gigs to participate in, and so far it has been exciting to do. My favorite part was meeting new people at the facilities we’ve been to. We also went to get shaved ice and we all got to bond more. Another thing that I liked during the tour was exploring the East Coast and having fun traveling adventures.


Isabella P.- Over the past 4 days of participating in our spread a little aloha tour there have been many exciting performances that were called and unexpected for. One of my favorite things that we have done so far is visiting the military base. I really enjoyed visiting this place because I would have never been able to have the opportunity to do this with my own family. This tour has given me many opportunities that I am so grateful for. I am currently typing this paragraph on a train, I’ve never been on a train before and from the outside it looks like it’s going very fast, but on the inside it’s kind of fast. Its pretty cool I’m having so much fun on this tour, I’m glad that we helped fundraise for this trip because it is just making my experience that much better. I Love It.

Jalynne K – These past few days over the Spread a Little Aloha Tour has been really moving. I have not only bonded with my hula sisters, but I’ve met many people just by handing out promotion items and wearing our shirts. To see the look on their face when I describe our tour and what we do is really touching, These gigs we have done have been the best and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our late nights have been such a good bonding experience and I am so much closer to my hula sisters. Its really hard to type and the computer is flying everywhere because I’m on a train. That’s Ok though! I am really grateful for what Kumu has done for us and I love her so much! Without her and the dedication of the girls, we wouldn’t have this tour but I’m so glad we do. Even though I’m missing my family, I know I’ll see them soon and I can’t wait to tell them about my journey. Mahalo nui loa and I’ll be writing again soon!


Sydney N. – Over the couple of days we have met so many people, and have visited many different places. It is very interesting to see how our aloha is affecting people, the cashier at Walmart commented, “We need more people like you.” That really made me strive to help more people in my daily life. I miss my family and work, but I am happy to know that I am helping people.


Krista Q. – I am so happy to be helping other people everyday and sharing the aloha spirit to everyone I meet. Not only have I grown from my experiences, but also the people that we are helping.


Marissa L.- These past few days have been so much fun. I have enjoyed making people smile through what I love to do. One of my favorite parts of this tour so far was going to the interfaith clothing store, where we folded and sorted clothing for those who don’t have the luxuries like we do. It really opened my eyes and made me realize how fortunate we are to have a new or freshly washed items of clothing everyday. I talked with this one lady and I helped her picked out a new purse, she seem so happy with her bag, and it made me realize that we should appreciate the little things in life. Overall, this trip has not only been fun, but it has been a learning experience.


Noelle D.- The past few days on tour have not only provided lots of bonding and learning time with my hula sisters and kumu, but have opened my eyes as well. I have met so many different people and been to so many new places. It has been great to serve others through dance, volunteer work and donations. It feels so good to give someone something they need or just make their day a little brighter. It has also been really fun to perform in seemingly strange places, like walmart, the rental car place at 3am (don’t ask,) and the railroad station. The people in these places always seem so surprised and happy to see hula, and it is great to make their day or night.


Kayla- First of all, I would like to thank Kumu for all that she has done for our hula family and making this Tour happen. She works so hard and teaches us this wonderful choreography that we share with our audiences. So over this trip we have already done 2-3 organized gigs but have done multiple pop up ones. I remember going to the Rehab Center today and seeing the people’s faces when we walked in. Somewhere joyous of this occasion while others seemed to not be happy with it. In the end of the gig everyone was cheering us on and we got to take pictures with everybody. This made me so happy just because I got to experience this with all of my hula sisters and that I could,” Making people smile through what I love to do.”(Quote from Marissa Ludwig)


Gabby C.- The first four days of tour have opened new doors in my life. The different organizations we have been to and helped, like the air force base have made a different impact on my life, some places the people look weary when we walk in but we all smile it off and by the end they take a bunch of pictures with us. Hula sister bonding has also been incredibly fun, playing at the pool and staying up late has made me learn a lot more about my hula family. Thank you Kumu for making this happen it has made a huge impact on my life.


Maddie L. – even though this is just the start of the tour, it already changed my life. Not only did I learn more about my other hula sisters, but I also learned more about hula. I learned how much hula actually means and what an impact it makes on other people. Hula bonding has been really fun for all of us to get to know each other more. I know as we go on with our tour, it will just make us happier about spreading our aloha. Thank you Kumu for having us go on this tour and it will greatly change my life


Julianna C- in the beginning of this tour when I got on the plane I thought about what it is gonna be like when I see these different places and states. When we first landed in new mexico and went to the airforce I had a really great time enjoyed seeing the kids and different people outside of California and when we left new mexico and went to Baltimore I loved helping out the people who were folding clothes it was very fun. My other favorite part of this trip was opening up to my hula sisters and bonding with them. I would like to say thank you kumu for making this tour happen as I have been on this tour I know this will change who I am and to become a better person and care for others outside of my home.


Isabela D- At the beginning of this tour I was very scared that I wouldn’t be able to make an impact on so many people. As we have gone along, Iʻve realized that every single small detail has impacted the lives of 100’s. We have talked to people In the streets, elevators, air force base, and gas stations about what aloha means. I would love to thank kumu for being so patient with me and taking me on this trip to help others.

Thomas Russell Middle School

The Thomas Russell Middle School Special Day Class/Community Based Instruction were honored to have the ‘Opio of Halau Na Wai Ola spend two wonderful days with them during the summer session of 2011.  This class is made up of 7th, 8th and 9th graders in the Milpitas Unified School District and is an intensive educational program designed for children with special needs. The first day began with a performance shared with the entire campus of elementary and middle school students.  Their performance was graceful, uplifting and filled with aloha.  The students even learned the vowels in the Hawaiian language!  The ‘opio then worked one-on-one with the SDC students in making eye-lash yarn leis.  Our students were truly enjoying the time and opportunity to interact with the ‘opio girls.  It was evident in all the smiles, laughter, and conversations.  Each student not only took away a yarn lei they made themselves, but memories of an amazing day.  The next day was just as special as the ‘opio girls returned for a walking field trip to a local eatery in Milpitas.  The ‘opio were so generous, not only with their wonderful performance and donations but the time they took to truly get to know our students.

~ Trisha Lee, Assistant Principal, Thomas Russell Middle School




Recently, some of us girls ventured to Pomeroy school in an effort to spread our aloha with some of the summer school kids. From ages small to tall, the excitement and appreciation on their faces was quite distinct and unified. We even took a trip to a quaint taqueria, where the kids showed us what they learned when studying Mexico. Joshua, the boy I spent the most time with, told me about his brother and sister, and about his other friends in the class. As much as we tried to impact them, these students also had an enormous inpact on us.

-Rebekah Ledwith

Spreading Aloha at the Family Shelter in San Jose

Since returning home we’ve been so busy with gigs, and classes. Some are the halau gigs, while we’ve also are trying to continue on with our “Spread A Little Aloha” mission.

We had four halau gigs, and two days with Milpitas School District and the San Jose Family Shelter.

We just found out last week that one of our long-time hula student, Linda Dresbach had applied for a community grant from the San Jose Water Company, where she works, and was approved for $500 to go towards our “Hawaiian Day at the Shelter” lunch and craft project expenses. WhooHoo!!! Mahalo!!!!

This past Saturday we all met at the shelter at 11:15am to set up for lunch. We re-arranged the tables in a “U” shape. Our menu included chicken teriyaki, rice, green salad, grapes, and brownie bites! After lunch was served we performed a few hula in the center of the “U”, followed with candy lei making, and a raffle. Everyone was given a raffle ticket to win 2 new stuffed animals that they could choose from the table. Everyone received 2 prizes, and the kids were so excited to hear their numbers called.

In addition to the meal, we donated approximately $1000 in raffle prizes/candy leis kits and items from their “wish list”.

It’s be two years since we last volunteered at the shelter, and I’m happy that our kids were able to bring the aloha spirit to the residents there. It puts things in perspective, and reminds us how much we have in our lives, and how much we take for granted.

We hope to be able to do a similar event during the holidays.


Milpitas Unified School District

What a great experience it was to spend two days with the kids enrolled in Ms. Rozina Kapadia’s special Day Class. These classes serve students who are identified as having moderate to severe disabilities. They were all in middle school to high school. One of my long time hula students, Trisha is an assistant principal for Thomas Russel Middle School in Milpitas. It was Trisha that approached us about including them as part of the “Spread a Little Aloha” tour.

Day 1

We began on Monday with a hula performance on the blacktop for several classes. Of course, I was a bit frazzled when I arrived at the school. To start, I was running late, and still had to pick-up one of the girls from her house (I’m so poor at directions!…I borrowed Anson’s car that has the GPS, but I don’t trust the lady sometimes)…when we did arrive, my iboom (ipod speaker) wasn’t working! Kanoe suggested playing the music from our car since the performance was outside. It looked like we were at a car show with the doors open to let the music escape. Kind of embarrassing, but it worked…Who knew that those unnecessary Bose surround sound speakers in the car that I told the dealer we didn’t need would come in handy one day!

On with the show! Our girls were ready to dance, and had many of them clapping along while we performed. After the show, the students had lunch, and we went to the classroom to prepare for our lei making craft that we’d be teaching them.

When they returned to the classroom from lunch, our girls all found a buddy and sat at their tables with them. They introduced themselves and began to work with them on their leis. I am so proud of them, and how they interacted. They were patient, and quickly learned how connect with their buddy. It seemed that they instinctively knew what to do, and the students could feel that they cared about them, and that they wanted to be there to spend some time with them.

Tiffany was so calm, and her voice was extra soothing when she worked with Alvin, who would get excited at times, and his body rock. She was so great with him. Kanoe’s buddy was Adelle, and he talked a lot, which was great because she could have been named Kathy because she chats so much! She found that he would repeat her questions, or whatever she would say….later when I came back to her table, she began saying his name first, which seemed to help her to better communicate with him. For example, “Adelle, do you have any brother and sisters?”

All of the students were so great, so interesting, and I applaud Ms. Kapadia and the other classroom helpers for their patience! They are incredible with them. They were all so different, and of course, there is no filter…they blurt out whatever comes to mind. Very honest, and pure! One of the boys didn’t talk much, and I wondered what he was thinking about all of these girls there to spend the day with them. One of the kids could talk and talk, and had such an awesome memory….don’t want to say anything in front of him you wouldn’t want to be remembered or repeated forever. He had a charming staccato way of speaking that made me smile. When they completed their leis, they put them on, some only fit on their heads as a lei po’o, and they all seemed so proud!

Day 2

We met at the school, prepared to walk to lunch with their buddies. When we arrived we were greeted by the students, who were wearing their leis. They shared brightly decorated thank-you cards for each of our girls. It was at that time that we presented Ms. Kapadia a check for $1000 to go towards any classroom/field-trip expenses. She was so happy, and it made all of us feel so happy that we were given the opportunity to spend some time with her class.

It was a nice walk to a small Mexican restaurant on Milpitas Boulevard. They had intended on going to L&L, but they didn’t open early enough. The students of Ms. Kapadia’s class knew the way, and we followed alongside them. Adelle’s sole of his slipper needed some “shoe goo”, or tape as it was flapping around, and he walked with one leg raised much higher than the other. They all went to the register and ordered their food. The students each had their own money, and although some wanted menu items that they didn’t have enough money for, they learned that they had to select something else. I think at first, our girls would have just given them the extra few cents they needed, but found that it was part of their lesson. They learned manners, and how to wait to eat their food until their buddy also had their food.

Some of our kids sat inside, and others outside at the round picnic tables with the old style round umbrellas. I think it may have been an old dairy bell or another type of restaurant years ago. Food was great, and portions were huge. After lunch we headed back to the school, and said “a hui hou” to our new friends. We’re thinking of the possibility of spending some time with them during the school year if our schedules allow.

This was a wonderful opportunity to meet some awesome kids! We learned so much from them!


Three Weeks After Being on the Road

It’s only been three weeks since the tour, and looking back it feels like a dream.  Standing outside looking up into a dark sky, and the cool evening breeze brings me back to our performance at Highlands Ranch, Colorado….Bruno Mars is on the radio, and thoughts of yellow taxis and the  crazy excitement of a star struck teenager at the Today Show concert brings a smile to my face…I drive behind a GMC Yukon, and I remember our five vehicle caravan in each state…and thinking how crazy are we to be driving in NYC!


It was wonderful to be back in my own bed after two intensive weeks of touring.  We, (Anson, Kanoe, Leiola and I) did spend three extra days in Florida.  It was nice not having anything to planned out.  Anson returned hone one day before us, as he had to work on July 4th…after months of being off duty with his foot injury.


Returning back to the halau felt great!  Especially since it felt refreshed and cleaned, thanks to Lucille, Suzie, and Kelcie…and the rest of the haumana that pitched in!  The “after ho’ike & reunion clutter” was all put away.  Props were put away, the floor mats were steam cleaned and re-assembled…the library was re-organized, and awards that were stored away were proudly on exhibit.  It just felt great!  I should have given them the key to my house too!


Many commented that they were following our blog.  It was nice knowing that while we were so far from home, and sometimes feeling homesick, and very alone in big cities…our hula ‘ohana was with us through the highs and lows, and that we were not alone!


I’m sure many of us on the tour went through the “tour withdrawls”.  We feel this need to give everyone a “spread a little aloha” lanyard, wristband, shirt or pen.  You want to talk to everyone about our mission, and share with them the “Live Aloha” message.  In a large group, and on tour it’s easier to share the message because people are interested in what a group of 30 youth/chaperones are doing together walking in Time Square, or The Mall in DC. We continue to try to live each day with aloha, and to acknowledge others.  It’s easy to get caught up with our regular routines.


I think back about the people we met along the way.  Our paths may never have crossed without this tour, and I’m grateful to have met all of them.  To know that you brought joy to someone is rewarding on so many levels.  We went on the tour with the intention of sharing aloha with others, but they shared so much with us.  It’s my greatest high!



Welcome Home ‘Opio!

What People are Saying about the Tour!

Thanks to all the great dancers who were able to help entertain the seniors at t Live Oak Adult Day Services in Los Gatos.  The seniors, volunteers, and staff want to “thank you!”  Your costumes, music and dances were very entertaining.  As you may know, Live Oak is a public benefit agnecy that provides for the frail seniors of the community.  Your generous donation of time, music and dance are greatly appreciated.  

May Kelly, 
Program Director
Live Oak Adult Day Services 


Hope you have had a wonderful week.  The performance was AMAZING!  Our members raved about the show and I wanted to thank you for contacting us.  I attached a few pictures for you.  I will mail a cd with what I have as well.  Best wishes.


Benjamin Hoffman
Assistant Director
Essex Senior Center

Mahalo nui loa for your participation in our inaugural Ho’olaule’a.  Your dancers were polite and helpful, and the performance you all gave was truly a highlight at the end of a long day.  I  hope you returned home safe and sound.  Your aloha spirit was felt through your dances and your willingness to travel and perform.  Mahalo hou!

Aloha pumehana,
Cynthia Kahakui,
Entertainment Committee
Pi’ilani Hawaiian Civic Club-Denver Colorado


The ‘Ōpio of Nā Wai Ola Hula Performance & Leadership Team came to Family
Supportive Housing last Saturday and provided a wonderful teriyaki chicken
lunch for our residents. The lunch was a very special treat for all and the
hula performance was wonderful! The children here were amazed at the
beautiful music, and enjoyed watching the young women perform. Thank you so
much for your most generous donation of needed sheets, towels, diapers etc.
You are a wonderful group and I know that you made the families living here
feel very special. You all are welcome back to the San Jose Family Shelter
any time! Thank you again for your generosity and spirit!

Christi Moyer Kelly
Volunteer Coordinator
Family Supportive Housing, Inc I 1590 Las Plumas Ave I San Jose, CA 95133


I wanted to forward you this email to show how much your performance and interaction with our residents at RPC were appreciated. Thanks so much for your devotion to this great cause!!


Subject: Little Aloha

I just wanted to let you know that the Little Aloha group was absolutely fantastic last night. Sarah said they were “astonishing.” They are not just talented performers-They are dyanmic and friendly. They really created an energized and postive astmosphere last night. All the residents were in a great mood after the performance. It was real treat for all of us. We also got some great laughs when the invited several residents and staff members to join them in dance. They closed the performance with a raffle for t-shirts and lanyards (making sure every resident won a prize). Then, they gave out hugs to each resident. Before they left, they offered a generous and thoughtful donation (26 bags filled with food and other essentials).
It was really wonderful. We would love it if they visited RPC again.

Rachel Fielding
Residential Program Center
Arlington, VA


I want to thank you and the young ladies in ‘Ōpio of Nā Wai Ola; it was a pleasure to host all of you at the Essex Library! What else can I say but “Wow”? You brought a little of the islands’ sunshine and surf to Essex, for which we are grateful. I hope your travels, and the rest of your performances, were successful.

All the best,

Robert C. Maranto, Jr., MLS
Library Manager
Essex Library
1110 Eastern Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland 21221


I heard such great things about your visits last Monday and Tuesday night to our programs in Arlington and Leesburg, Virginia. Thank you so much for thinking of us! Godspeed to you on the rest of your journey.


Jan Kary |Vice President of Development & External Affairs
Volunteers of America Chesapeake
7901 Annapolis Road | Lanham, MD

Guided by our Core Values: Caring, Respect, Faith, Quality and Trust, Volunteers of America Chesapeake’s mission is to inspire self-reliance, dignity and hope through health and human services.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful performance and your generous gifts. All of the students are talking about it today in school. They have all been dancing and are very excited about the hula. The presents are a hit too, especially the coconut drums.

I was wondering what your mailing address is. I hope the rest of the tour is successful as it was in Newark!


Karen Trindle
Music Teacher
Ridge Street School
Newark, NJ



We loved the performance and the time you took to take photos with our kids. Here’s a link to our story and photos from the performance. Please feel free to pass them along.

Ron Snyder
Editor, Essex/Middle River

Let’s Wrap It Up…thought about the tour

Danielle Nagtalon: Wow… This tour was amazing. From being little kids to young adults we have all sticked together, helping each other out from thick through thin. This class and tour has changed my life because it gave me opportunities that I can’t have back at home. Throughout this tour, I have bonded closer with many of my hula sisters. Also, I want to thank my mom for using all your time and work to help pay for this tour, without her, I wouldn’t even be where I am today. And Auntie Kaui, for making this tour come true with using genuine aloha and leading us through the right path. My favorite part of this tour was seeing all those kids in Ridge Street School. Some of the kids there were our age and really fun to hang around! I wish we can see them everyday. Overall, I will miss every little bit about this tour. Mahalo for everything Auntie Kaui. Aloha.


Kate: This tour was absolutely amazing! Had some many wonderful and new experiences we did together as a group. From the shows to the bonding time together. This trip was one of the best experiences ever and is clearly unforgettable.




Jordan’s comments regarding the trip: “We made a lot of people smile in a lot of different places. I liked shopping for the wish list items. My favorite place to perform was at the Ridge Street Elementary School. It was fun hanging out with the kids after the performance and learning their dance moves. Kaipolani and I practiced in the middle of the night and then made a music dance video. I liked the tour at the Capital Building and eating at the T-Rex restaurant in Florida. I liked hanging out with my hula sisters. Thank you Aunty Kau’i for taking us on this trip.”

The “Spread a Little Aloha Tour” was such a great experience! Though the tour is over, I will always remember to have aloha everywhere I go. I got closer with my hula sisters and family. Thank you to my parents, the chaperones, and especially Kumu. You have been such an inspiration and taught me how to do what I love most. From this trip I learned how much I love and appreciate California, my home, family, and friends. Mahalo Nui Loa for making this all possible.

Aloha, Kiana

Kate: This tour was absolutely amazing! Had some many wonderful and new experiences we did together as a group. From the shows to the bonding time together. This trip was one of the best experiences ever and is clearly unforgettable.

Arline (chaperone):
“An unforgetable 2weeks filled with lots of excitement & laughter. I will remember the heart warming emotions that projected thru the audiences at the shelters and schools during/after the performances.”

Jenny: I loved the tour. It was so much fun and I will remember this incredible experience forever. Thank you to kumu, the chaperones, and my parents for making this possible. I’m going to miss opio so much!

Hi this is Allison.

This trip was really fun and memorable. It was cool to see different parts of the country and it was a great learning experience on how other people lived. It felt great to help others that are less fortunate than us. I’m thankful that I am blessed with so much. This tour was unforgetable and I’m thankful to everyone who helped make this tour happen like Kumu, the chaperones, and all the parents.

Marissa: The tour was so much fun! It taught me to be grateful for what you have and try to spread your aloha to people that need it more. I loved dancing at the Ridge Street School, the kids there are great, even though the school isn’t the nicest place the kids are some of the nicest people I’ve met I’m so glad we got to go there, the school is 99 years old! I hope we can do more things that are similar to the tour! I’ve never been to alot of these places, and it’s cool to go from the mountains in Colorado to the large buildings in New York. In Orlando, Florida we went to the childrens hospital it was so awesome, I saw a cute baby smile every time we looked at him! That same baby won the raffle three times it was funny to see him carried out with three landyards around his neck. Also in Orlando I went on the big, fast, loop-de-loop roller coaster, The Hulk, I was scared to go on at first, but then loved the upside-down/cork screw coaster! I will miss the tour! Aloha!

Kenny: What an experience. We were bleesed to be a blessing. It was delighful, delerious, demanding, da kine. Mahalo, Kumu. Aloha.

Hi this is Sydney

This tour was a once in a lifetime experience. I am so glad that I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. I traveled to many places that I never stepped foot in before this trip. Being there with all my hula sisters brought me closer to them. They are my second family. I could never forget the memorable times we shared together. I felt so proud to be a hula dancer when I performed for all our audiences. I got to meet and share aloha with so many nice people on the trip, whether I met them on the airplane, or at the performances! I definitely felt like I was making a difference. I couldn’t have done it without Kumu, my parents, and everyone who supported me and the trip. I had the time of my life “Spreading a Little Aloha” around the U.S. I hope that everyone, and not only me, felt like a different person after stepping of the airplane. I am glad we did this tour, it changed me, and the way I see myself. I hope to continue spreading aloha wherever I go!

Cristina T.:The tour was absolutely amazing and life changing. I especially loved bonding with all of my hula sisters and getting to spread a little aloha with them. The car rides were crazy! We were either all singing, laughing, doing our make-up, or most of the time sleeping. I will never forget this amazing experience. Thank you kumu for making this possible and the chaperones!


Bekah: This trip has been phenomenal. I have done so many exciting things with my hula sisters during these past few weeks. From Garden of the Gods to Universal Studios, I shall never forget the moments I shared with some of my closest friends.

Heading Home to San Jose

The plan was to meet outside at 3am to load fhe vehicles, but I was 15 min. late! I didn’t hear my alarm, and it was a good thing that Bekah and Kanoe came knocking at my door. The drive was the easieat its been, clear, no cars, no fires…just dark! Got everyone checked in and hugs and kisses. Love all my girls, their silly ways, their youthful innocence, even when they forget themselves and get sassy…I “get” each of them, and their individual personalities, they’ve been with me for years, and they “get” me too, it’s unconditional. Mahalo first of all to Ke Akua fod keeping us safe on our travels, and blessing all of us, to our parents, our haumana and alaka’i that are keeping the halau running at home, our supporters, sponsors, and our chaperones for believing our ‘opio. Mahalo to my kids, all of you for being part of our special hula ‘ohana, for going above and beyond what is expected of you, for caring for one another, for breaking down any limiting beliefs that people may have had about you/us. I am so proud of you!! Eo…Na Wai Ola…Ku!

Stay tuned….
…I’ll Complete the earlier entries with photos, and other adventures we didn’t have time to share…now that the pace has slowed down, also we’ll have more entries from the ‘opio….once they have time to process all of their experiences. We wel ome your comments, especially any of you that we may have met along the way.

We still habe

Last Day!