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Florida Hospital For Children

We had an early start, with breakfast at 7:45am at our hotel, Champions World Resort in Kissimmee, FL. We checked in late last night….delayed flights from Newark, NJ, with plane change in Baltimore, MD on to Orlando. We had dinner at Applebees, and we took the long way to our hotel because of the enormous fire at the Black Angus and apartments/hotel near it. The chaperones went to Walmart to pick up items from the FHFC “wish list”, while the kids took showers and prepped costumes for the next day. Leiola slept all the entire 2 flights, so she was wide awake ’til about when the chaperones came back from shopping a little after 3:30am.

Well, back to early morning breakfast, you can imagine everyone was dragging their feet. Leiola had a little sniffle since Colorado, so she and Anson stayed back because we didn’t want to bring any colds to the kids at the hospital. That left me in lead driver position, which is a tough job. Anson has been doing an awesome job, and was stressed, and a little down for awhile because everyone depends on you, and are irritated at you when they get separated. It’s tough keeping 5 vehicles together (especially when we were in NJ/NY, that’s asking for trouble!)…so, of course the day I had to lead, was the day we had to re-route….the fire was still going, and all of Hwy 4 was blocked off. We later heard it was a “meth-explosion”, never seen anything like it before. Helicopters hovering above, black smoke, and water constantly being shot into what was left of the building. I had to call Anson at the hotel room to help navigate. We should have arrived at about 9:30am for a 10am performance, but made it to the hospital valet at 10am exactly.

We met Dina, and she lead us through the incredible Disney Pavilion lobby. What an awesome place. We performed upstairs in one of the lobby’s, and the kids were wonderful! We’ve been lugging around the gift my brother Kimo gave the Kahaku ‘Ohana this past Christmas, a portable speaker for ipod/iphone w/microphone. It works great, and gives off a lot of sound! It fits perfectly into one of the fifteen rolling/foldable square coolers with retractable handle that my mom got from Costco (we have a tendency to buy way more then we need…just in case). I had forgotten to turn my iphone (which had the play list) to the airplane mode to silence the ring. Well, during the last song “He Hawai’i Au”, I’m in the middle of narrating when “marimba” (ta ta, tata, ta ta, tataa, ta ta, tatatataaaa) begins to play through the speakers. Like true professionals, the girls continued dancing, but with bigger smiles. I quickly declined the call, and went on with my usual closing spiel when Jordan turns during and her arm hits one of the pillars, and a “ugh”…she kept going, and I, and a few girls couldn’t help but giggle….I think some of the patients did too. It’s nice knowing that we took their minds off their illnesses for even a brief moment. What a great staff they have there! After our performance, we took some photos in the downstairs lobby where there was an ‘ukulele player (dressed kinda safari/adventure-ish complete with safari hat, I’ll have to ask the girls what his name was). They wanted to see us perform too, so he played “Wonderful World”, and I lead them into an impromptu hula. They did great, and everyone was delighted. We brought out the bags of toys and other goodies from their “wish list”, which they hauled off in radio flyers. We said our goodbyes, and were headed back to the hotel to pick up Anson and Leiola.

I put Keola in the lead position to drive back, and there was a little traffic (not like NYC of course). We were doing pretty good until getting near the hotel, where the fire was still holding up traffic. We all got separated, when we hit the blockade area, and decided to all find our way to Downtown Disney. Anson met us there too. Whew…it was hot!…but about an hour later the weather was perfect, not too humid, and a nice cool breeze. I saw a sign that said it was 78 degrees, but not sure if that was accurate, but we were blessed again with another day of good weather.

I forgot to mention that I did check my phone to see who it was that I “declined” the call, and it was Jasmine’s Uncle Danny who is vacationing here in Florida with his family. He wanted to surprise her with gifts, and meet up…..I’ll come back to that later.

So, we went to the T-Rex store/restaurant…it’s like a Rainforest Cafe (same company), but all dinosaurs/pre-historic/ice-age themed. Very cool! (literally too….we were hogging the air conditioning at the entrance. Anson and I shared a “Broto-Burger”, and “Porkasaurus Sandwich”. The porkasaurus sandwich was super ‘ono! Jordan and Emma shared a combination plate, and at the end of the meal, Kaipolani asked her if she could finish off Jordan’s meat….she was eating it off the bones, that Jordan had already eaten off of…Way to go Kaipolani…she didn’t let one piece go to waste! Hilarious!

On the way out of the restaurant/store, the girls purchased a $5 bag of archeological …..hmm..I don’t know, sand? It was pretty cool, they could choose minerals, fossils, gems. They take them out to the “dig”, and put them in a sifter in a water chute. They each get a card that identifies the mineral, fossil, gem. Okay, that’s a simple, and cheap way to make $5. I’m thinking how I can do that at “Sonny’s Place”. Something crazy novelty. So, we spent some time walking through Downtown Disney, Anson had this crazy idea to have them run down steps (with him at the bottom), and do some crazy dance, was very cute. I’ll try to attach.

Jasmine’s Uncle Danny called, and they were meeting us at the Once Upon a Toy store. We got the girls to the store, and had them take a photo by Buzz Lightyear, when he surprised her. She was so excited.

We took a look through the toy store. Air condition was great. Leila lplayes with Mr. Potato head and couldn’t contain her excitement when she saw all of toys. Next thing i know she’s stepping out of her dress and dancing around like a crazy child with only her Diney Princess Pull-Ups on. She began climbing and swinging on a Tinker Toy fixture while Allison tried to help me get her dress back on. Yes, I am now that parent I used to stare at whose kid was running all over the place.

I was relieved to see a water park area with kids running around just outside the shop. She was happy as can be!…and all of the ‘opio that were saying that they weren’t getting wet, well they ended up soaking, and having a blast!

We all met back at the hotel for a pool party. Anson picked up water and pizzas and we turned on Bruno Mars and it was a great pool party. (BTW…there was a youth Puerto Rican Baseball Team that they became friends with). The girls took such great care ofy dare devil baby in water wings!









While we are waiting at EWR on our way to MCO

We have finally have some time to write our blog, and have the girls share their thoughts.

Lauren:  I never really got my hot dog from a New York hot dog stand ): But Marissa surprised me with a stuffed animal hot dog from the Toy’s R’ Us in Times Square that I get to keep forever (:

Marissa: I miss my family and friends and I can’t wait until I see them but at the same time I don’t want to go to. The “Spread a little Aloha” tour is very fun I enjoy it because I can do what I love, hula, and share it with people! I can’t wait to dance for the hospital in Florida. My favorite performance was the Senior Center it made me feel good because one of the ladies said we made her day. All the performances were fun I can’t believe the tour is almost over!

Danielle: The performance at Ridge Street School was my favorite performance so far because I met new friends and they can dance. ;D Haha, I’m looking forward to the performance at the Children’s Hospital! 🙂

Neimy: It was cool seeing Bruno Mars very close. It was funny seeing my hula sisters screaming for him and actually seeing him wave at us!! Yesterday, we went to New York for  shopping. We took a picture at the American Eagle store and we got to be on the big screen where everybody can see.

Christina W: During this trip, a lot of cool and funny stuff happened. My top three favorites were 1. Performing at the Ridge Street School because I wasn’t expecting the kids there to be really friendly. They were very appreciative for what we did and they were all excited to get up and dance hula with us. 2. I loved going to the Today Show to watch Bruno Mars sing live because he is an awesome singer!! I love Bruno Mars….. Well, not as much as Kanoe apparently. LOL. 3. I also loved performing at the Ho’olaule’a because I found it very interesting to watch other halau’s show their dances. Thank you Kumu for making this tour happen, to the chaperones for always watching over us and keeping us in check, and to my parents for letting me go and help me fundraise the money. Thank you!

Jenny: My 3 favorite things on this trip were shopping for the homeless shelters, bonding with my hula sisters, and performing at the Ridge Street School. While we were shopping for the homeless shelters, I kept thinking how much they would appreciate all of the things we bought for them. Some of the girls that I wasn’t really friends with before, I am now super close with. Performing at the Ridge Street School was fun because all of the kids were our age and were very friendly. I’m really excited for Florida!

Tiffany: My three favorite activities on this trip were going to the Ridge Street School, shopping, and going to see Bruno Mars. At the Ridge Street School the kids were so nice there. I made some really good friends there that I will always remember. For shopping I loved going to New York to shop,but I also loved shopping for the shelters. Just recently we saw Bruno Mars. It was such a great experience seeing him! He is one of my favorite artists so it was sooo cool!! Next stop Florida!!!

Sydney: This trip has been amazing so far. I really loved being an impact on other people. Every show we performed in the people started out uncomfortable with us, but by the end of the show we would win them over. I really enjoyed spending time with my hula sisters, and spreading ALOHA. I have bonded better with them, and have made so many inside jokes. The most funny thing is when Allison and Kiana are sleeping. I also loved shopping in New York! I was also super happy that we went to DC. I didn’t get to go with my 8th grade class, so this was so much fun! I can’t wait to make more memories during the last few days of this trip! I love everyone like family!  P.S. I think it is so funny that I am the one who always gets my group up in the morning:P I always seem to get up at the right time:))

Kate: This trip has been really fun so far.  I really enjoyed performing at Ridge Street School and waking up at 4 am to go to the Today Show and see Bruno Mars perform. It has really been great being able to perform for schools and homeless shelters.  Also, shopping in New York was soo much fun although it was really crowded, it was still a great time with my hula sisters also.  Throughout all the performances we have done, we have always got nice compliments which was really cool and the audience really enjoyed the performance.  All hula sisters have grown a stronger bond with one another which is really good and it has been great going around the world Spreading a Little Aloha.

Jordan: I’m having so much fun so far. I really liked the shows at Ridge Street School. We went on a train and  I sat in front of Kiana and Danielle. Now Kate and Danielle are trying to poke me “undercover” (: We have lots of inside jokes and fun car rides…SUPER KETCHUP!!!!

Kimberlee: This trip has been really great so far! I really loved all the shows we performed at. Free day in New York was a blast! Actually seeing Time Square in person was AMAZING (: Even seeing Bruno Mars in person was so great and amazingly hot! I love love love love BRUNO MARS <3 But most importantly I enjoyed spending time with my hula sisters, hula moms & dads and Kumu. The car rides were fun because all of us would just sleep, laugh and play with Leiola..  I’m very grateful for this trip.

Allison:  I’m having a lot of fun on this trip so far. I loved dancing at the different shows and making a difference. I loved going to New York and seeing Bruno Mars. But Time Square was really amazing. I loved shopping and seeing the different buildings. At our performances, I think its great that we were able to change people’s opinion of us. During the car rides, airplane flights, subway rides, and train rides, I have a lot of fun just talking to my hula sisters. I’m very grateful for all the adults coming with us and supporting us. I’m glad I could come on this trip and that I could change people’s lives.

Kanoe: Oh my goodness!  This trip is so fun and eye-opening!  I loved dancing at Ridge Street School!  They’re so funny and taught me and my hula sisters how to dance like the kids on the east coast! Our car rides are so crazy.  Jenny and Tiffany are always dancing and Kiana, Allison and Sydney are crashed out in the back!  It was so awesome when we got hot dogs and pretzels served to our car!  My all-time favorite part of this trip was getting to see Bruno Mars(my husband)! He’s sooo cute!  He waved at us and gave us a shaka! So awesome!!!!  Can’t wait to go to Florida! Five Dollar Foot Long!!!!!!!!…..

Jasmine: I’ve had so much fun on this trip! It’s been really awesome being able to travel to all these different cities and “spreading a little aloha”. The best feeling is after performing and watching everyone smile and thank us for coming. My favorite part of the tour so far has been New York! Seeing Times Square was amazing. And we saw Bruno Mars on the Today Show!! He smiled and we made eye contact. Pure greatness. Ridge Street School was the best audience ever, the kids taught us (or tried to) how to dance like them, which is like the complete opposite of hula. Although I miss my family and friends, I’m grateful that I’ve had the chance to experience all that we have and bond with my hula sisters. Woohooo, Florida here we comeee!!!!!!!

Kiana: The “Spread a Little Aloha Tour” has been so much fun! I miss my family and friends but I’ve enjoyed everything that we have done. We only have one stop left, Orlando Florida. I’m so excited. My favorite performance was the performance at Ridge Street School where the audience were so friendly. We met and made a lot of new friends that we can connect on with Facebook! For favorite free time activity, my favorite ever was the Bruno Mars show. It was so much fun! Most of the time I was laughing at Kanoe who was crying so hard the whole time:) This trip has been awesome and I’m so glad that it’s  not over yet!

Mackenzie: Hi everyone!!!! I just want to say that this trip has been so much fun and very eye opening. I realized that the people in the more high poverty areas have appreciated what we are doing the most. It makes me so happy when I see all of the smiles after we perform. My favorite performance was at Ridge Street School. The audience was so happy and cheerful, and we even got to talk to some people and make new friends after the performance. I loved to see how nice and happy they were. I absolutely loved seeing Bruno Mars live!!! He smiled and waved at us and it was just so much fun. I made sure to get presents for family(even joey(: ) and friends when shopping in New York!! We even got out picture on the American Eagle jumbo tron! I can’t wait to go to Florida! It’s going to be as much fun as the rest of the tour has been. I have gotten so much closer to my hula sisters along the way. I am so grateful for all of the chaperones and people who have organized the trip. It means a lot to all of us that they would drive us around and care for us on the tour. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to come home and see everyone. Bye!

Cristina T.: We have gone to so many places and done so many performances and spread so much aloha. When we perform in the high poverty places everybody is always so appreciative and they always participate which makes me feel really good about what i am doing. My favorite part of all of this is bonding with my hula sisters, I finally feel accepted by everyone and I know that wherever i turn people will not leave me out anymore. I can not wait to come back home! miss you mommy, daddy, and pey-pey! bye!

Kaela:I just got off the phone with my parents. It was nice to talk to them again (Hi Mom and Dad! :D) These past two weeks have been so much fun! Like seeing Bruno Mars on the Today show making new friends at Ridge Street school and even shopping at Forever 21 in Times Square. But the performances were amazing! I loved preforming at the Ridge Street school. I meet two awesome new friends: Alexis and Jonathan. Now it’s off to Florida! I can’t wait for the hospital gig! 😀 See you guys when I get home!!! Bye for now!

Email from Ben Hoffman

I received the following from Ben Hoffman at the Essex Senior Center



Hope you have had a wonderful week.  The performance was AMAZING!  Our members raved about the show and I wanted to thank you for contacting us.  I attached a few pictures for you.  I will mail a cd with what I have as well.  Best wishes.

Benjamin Hoffman
Assistant Director
Essex Senior Center

Article: Bringing the Aloha to Essex

I received the following message from Ron Synder, Editor, Essex/Middle River.  Check out the article.


We loved the performance and the time you took to take photos with our kids. Here’s a link to our story and photos from the performance. Please feel free to pass them along.

Ron Snyder
Editor, Essex/Middle River

Free Day in NJ/NY

We all got a chance to sleep in this morning! I know I needed it. Consecutive early mornings and late nights have been a challenge, but the joy we receive is worth it! Sharing unconditional aloha, making a positive impact with the people we come in contact with is what it’s all about, whether it’s the toll person, the parking attendant, our audience, and each other.

We drove to New Jersey and saw Carlos’ Bakery (cake boss). Line was down down the street. We will go back later. We took the PATH to New York, and met some nice people on the way.

Anson met Crystal from the PATH, and she was so nice.  She helped him purchase the fare, and got us in smoothly.  While riding, a nice woman let Arline (who was holding Leiola at the time) sit down.  We gave her a lanyard and talked a bit about our tour.  It was a great example for our girls to see, how those small acts of kindness and consideration for one another make a difference.  We talked to others on the short ride into the city, and they were thrilled to learn about our kids, and our commitment to living with aloha.  When walked up the steps from the PATH (the subway from New Jersey), the sun was shining!

What a beautiful day in the city.  The energy was great…big cities don’t normally thrill me…they used to when Anson and I were in high school, but I try to avoid big cities if I can.  I’ve been to New York twice before, both during colder weather.  The sun makes all the difference in the world to me!    We came upon a great street fair with vendors packed together for several blocks.  The girls instantly found some Fedora’s (Bruno Mars again!), and a few of us went straight to the smoothies, and fresh fruit.  It was a nice day, a free day without any obligations, no time constraints, and the girls were so excited to be in the city!  With the sun out, an occasional cool breeze that would take us by surprise, the sight of taxis, hot dog and pretzel stands, and the sound of horns honking behind the words of Alicia Keys booming from one of the vendors booth, “concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York, these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York!…I must admit that I too was taken by the energy and the life of New York!

From the street fair, we walked towards Time Square in search of the huge FOREVER 21 store.  (I was thinking, isn’t that the same stuff we have at home, but I remember what it was like to be their age, and it’s just the fact that they are shopping in New York, at one of their favorite stores).  We spent some time in the enormous Toys R Us….that is where Kanoe used to want to shop, now it’s Leiola.  Some of the girls jumped in a photo with Kanoe and Leiola with Spider Man and Iron Man.  Leiola and Jordan bought some plastic balloons (you know the type we used to play with that you blow through a straw….well this is the new and improved Toys R Us version, where it doesn’t pop as easily and you can make huge balloons!).   Next was FOREVER 21, and we allowed them some extra time, as they pleaded their case that we needed to allow time for them to try on clothes  They did come out with some very cute items, and smiles on their faces (that makes me the happiest)!  I asked them if they were hungry (I was), but the shopping took away any hunger pangs they may have been feeling.  We walked across the street to the American Eagle Store.  (I saw a topless older woman in cowboy boots, american flag bikini bottom, cowboy hat and guitar on the way there)  The girls had their photo taken and put on the mega screen outside.  We waited a few minutes to see it, and when they were on the big screen, the city knew it, as they screamed in delight!  I almost missed taking a photo of it, because my alarm went off reminding me that it was time to check in everyone on Southwest.  We did manage to get everyone in the “A” or “B” boarding group, so that worked out well.  We were “A” on our flight to BWI, hopefully we won’t be delayed like our last flight and arrive late for our connection (we ended up scattered throughout the plane, but the “Team Aloha” was cutting some zzzzz anyway).

The girls picked up some NYC sweat shirts from street vendors, and Anson checked our group in to the Hard Rock Cafe where we had a nice “linner”.  Luckily we beat the crowd, and got seated within about 20 minutes.  Our waitress’ name was Leona, and Leiola thought she had the same name.  The girls took photos with the handsome hosts, and few purchased some souvenirs.  On my way out I saw a cute hat, that I didn’t have time to get because Arline and I got stuck with the baby stroller trying to get through a very inconsiderate line of people walking in through the exit of the dining section, and everyone was already waiting outside. (I’m in desperate need of a new one!  My last hat from “hard rock” is very tired looking, and my sis tells me I have to retire it)  It was time to leave the big city behind.

Anson began to lead the group back towards the PATH, Kenny, Emma, Arine & Hana within the group, and Keola picking up the rear.  I try my best to keep everyone together, and to keep from getting distracted so we don’t get separated, but I saw the soft serve ice cream truck on Broadway, and I couldn’t help myself!  I was quickly brought back to my senses when Anson yelled for me, as he was already leading the group across the street.  He gave in, when I flashed him my “cute smile”…yes, it does work sometimes, and he backed the girls out of the walk way.  Yay!! Ice cream!!!!  Just as it was our turn to place our order at the window, New York’s Finest began forcing them to move on to another part of town, when the owner yelled out “hey, I’m just trying to support my pregnant wife… (move your focus to the passenger seat…and yup, a pregnant wife)…can’t I just finish this last order”…(NY finest not knowing we had an order of 20)…(we flashed them our “California girls-they’re undeniable” type smiles, and they buckled).  So we all got some ice cream!  So happy because getting my sweets from Carlos’ Bakery didn’t pan out….stay tuned for my next entry, which I plan to entitle, “The POPO vs. KEN in HOBO-KEN!”  (exciting stuff).










Ridge Street School

After the Bruno Mars concert, we walked back to our parking garage, where there were fans waiting outside for Bruno’s limo to emerge. We are in a black Yukon, and kolohe Anson rolled down his window and asked the fans if they wanted to see Bruno, which is when he began to roll down the window, and they saw Kimberlee sitting back there. Very funny!

We drove towards New Jersey for our performance, and made it within about 20 minutes. We were up and out of the hotel before the hotel breakfast so we were very hungry, and tired. We stopped at McDonalds just a few blocks from the Ridge Street School to pick up a quick bite. By the time we arrived, the girls were all sleeping…big difference in just a half hour (from screamin’ to dreamin’).

When we arrived at the school, we realized that everyone was anticipating our visit as much as we were! We were greeted by the security to help us park, Ms. Trindle welcomed us, and some kids were waiving from the wondows upper classes.

We performed at 12:45pm, and 1:45pm for an attentive and appreciative crowd!



Bruno Mars waved at us!

We are just behind the stage next to the NBC studios window. We can see Matt Lauer.


Today Show & Bruno Mars

We were up and in our trucks by 5am, and got to Rockefeller Plaza by 5:20am, and the line was already wrapped around the building! We are in our red/yellow pa’u to help us stand out in the crowd. In addition, we have to leave in time to perform at Ridge Street Elementary at 12:45pm. Not sure how the traffic will be at that time. Whoo hooo, we are walking now to our get in to the plaza.


Ok, the line stopped, but the excitement is building! Bruno Mars!!!! We are working on choreography for all the chorus of his popular songs.

People We’ve Seen Along the Way

Small World!

Kahaku’s:  In Denver, we met Liko Puha’s friend that teaches hula in the Denver area.

Tiffany:  I saw my neighbor Steve at the Hertz parking lot in Baltimore!   He didn’t even know what I was doing there.

Emma/Jordan:  When we came back from Washington, DC on the Metro we met someone that is friends with the Demotta ‘Ohana!  Small world!

Friends & Family that came out to support us!

Rebekah:  Aunty Helen & the ‘ohana came out to meet us, brought us snacks, and even helped us ride the Metro.

Sydney:  Joe came out to the Garden of the Gods to watch us dance!

Mackenzie:  Aunty, Uncle & little cousin joined us in New York, and came to lunch with us.  What a cute neice MacKenzie has.  She knows sign-language at 14 months old.  I learned how to sign “berries” (she was eating strawberries).  They also walked with us to see the Statue of Liberty and the Sphere, eternal flame.

Kahaku’s:  We needed all the help we could get while traveling in unfamiliar territory.  While in Denver, Anson’s Uncle Dean was there to host us.  While in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC area, my cousin Earl and his wife Fun met us at the airport, and brought our boxes that we shipped to their home.  They drove us all the way to Virginia for dinner, and lead us to our hotel to be sure we are safe.  While in New York, after our performance at the NMAI we headed to my cousin Richard and his wife Jeanine’s home in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn to pick up our second shipment (promo items, puniu-knee drums we made for the ridge street school).  Very cool feel to their neighborhood, it reminds me of something from a movie…also kind of like Sesame Street.



What an incredible day its been so far! Since we are sitting in traffic (we traveled 3 blocks in about an hour on our way to the Holland Tunnel) I thought I’d update you with our adventure in New York.

We slept in, an tried to catch up with our sleep. We loaded the trucks, and were on our way to the Smithsonian National Museum of the Amwrican Indian. Ok, DC/VA/MD drivers were crazy, but this…is insane! We got separated, but managed to arrive to the museum on time. Did I mention that blinkers don’t do anything here. Anson finally leaned his whole upper body out of the car, pointed, and gave an arm signal to change lanes. The guy in the next car yelled out “now, that’s how you do it”. The girls had to jump out of the trucks with their costumes while cars honked their horms!

We had a warm welcome from Steven and Johanna when we arrived at the musuem. What an impressive building both inside and out! Incredible! Everyone must go through security upon entering, and on our way to our dressing area, we passed the beautiful performance area in the middle of the building. In our dressing room was a large tray of fresh fruit, milk, cookies, and bottled water for all of us. As we were getting dressed, Leiola flipped a couple of light switches, and we didn’t think much of it, until the people from the room next door came in, and we realized that she was flipping their room lights on and off too >.< Our performance time was at 2pm, and we had a nice crowd waiting for us. Talk about acoustics....not only did the sound fill the room, but it carried throughout the exhibit halls, and brought people out to find out where the chanting was coming from. The room made our chanting sound amazing, along with help from our soundman, Patrick. 🙂 The girls did a great job sharing the hula, and Steven and Johanna both gave them praises for not only their performance, but how they carried themselves. I must say that I too am very proud of how they treat one another (of course they are like real sisters, they are teenagers, and they get on each other's nerves at times, but their aloha for one another is unconditional, and most definitely very genuine). Leiola was dressed, and also performed! She was so proud that she didn't want to change out of her costume!