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It’s Aloha Friday!

The girls (Sydney H., Gabby, Isabella C., Ainsley B., Kanoe) woke up early for their radio interview yesterday. They all did a wonderful job sharing the message about The Spread [more…]

We made it to Stockholm!

The time is 01:17 on Tuesday, June 30th, and Day 3 of the European Spread a Little Aloha Tour is lingering in my mind and in my heart. We [more…]

Aloha From New York!

Hi I’m Mika, throughout the tour we have danced for many people that have opened my eyes to new things. Yesterday we danced at a family shelter for a few [more…]

Blogging while waiting in line for the Today Show!

Isabela D- Yesterday we went to the Harmony House and Ridge Street School and I think that these have been some of my favorite performances. All of the children at [more…]

Thoughts from our kids on tour…

While on the train from Baltimore, MD to Newark, NJ, we passed the laptop through the last car and the girls were able to share a little about what they [more…]

A wonderful day in the “Land of Enchantment”

Albuquerque…the Land of Enchantment! It is truly a beautiful place full of culture. The sky was blue, and girls commented on how amazing the cloud formations were. When I [more…]

Tour Schedule

Spread a Little Aloha Tour, Day 1-New Mexico!

To start, mahalo Ke Akua for guiding us safely to Albuquerque. To everyone who is supporting us on this special huakaʻi, we are truly grateful! We [more…]


Aloha kakahiaka!

Our tour members will be leaving to US tour really soon!

Thomas Russell Middle School

The Thomas Russell Middle School Special Day Class/Community Based Instruction were honored to have the ‘Opio of Halau Na Wai Ola spend two wonderful days with them during the summer [more…]